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Come surf with us!

If you love the sun and the sea this is the perfect sport experience for you!!!

ISUP , a surfing club located on the most beautiful beach in Tel Aviv, invites you the have the fun of your life

SUP - Stand UPaddle is the fastest growing water sport in the world! 

WHY?  Because SUP fun and easy to master; all you need to know is to swim suitable for kids and adults; no need for a surfing background.

.... and it is an amazing workout that improves strength, balance, flexibility and resulting in overall improved fitness and stronger core.

ISUP's team of experienced  trainers will guide you from step one, whether in a private lesson or as part of one of our regular sessions --> you will learn

all you need to start:

* safety regulation

* basic positions

* how to enter and come out of the sea

* paddling technique

ISUP will provide you with a surfing board, a paddle and a wet-suit (for cold days)

Just bring a bathing suit, a towel and a smile :)

As an extra, ISUP will take your photos to show how much fun you had.


Private Lesson for one NIS 300

Private Lesson for 2 NIS 500

Beginner's  Course - 4 lessons NIS 1,050

Also available: family lessons, group lessons and beach party + lesson.

For more information call Michal Mashiach 054-5827082

Location: Hazuk Beach, Tel-aviv North (next to Mandarin Hotel)

Contact us: +972-54-582-7082 Michal

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